3 07, 2016

Savannah Ducharm – Letting Go of Bittersweet Defenses

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My truth is that there are a lot of things you can say to convince yourself and other people of who you are. You can fill your lungs with what you think they want to hear. But if you do that, nothing comes back to you. You are left exasperated. Letting go isn’t comfortable, since these things become bittersweet defenses to things you feel you can’t change. In a new country, with these new people, you’ll want to hold onto these defenses more than ever. You’ll feel small at times and out of control. I used to criticize myself for holding on so tightly. You’ll see why it had to be that way. You were small so you could grow. What’s hard about being told to [...]

28 03, 2016

Hannah Urtz – Creation of the Self

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When we set out to travel, it is often with a busy mind and a hopeful heart. Amidst the anticipation, guidebooks are consulted, weather reports are checked, and lovely screenshots of our destination begin to occupy our desktops. There is purpose in this, but this kind of preparation lacks the intention that has the power to transform a trip into a profound human experience. We travel, of course, to see new sights, taste new delicacies, and to be so deeply stirred that even our old lives may be seen through new lenses. Essentially, we look to gain vital global perspective and enjoy a respite from our regular routines. Yet, part of the beauty of leaping from one’s comfort zone into the unknown is not just the discovery [...]

22 03, 2016

Dana Mulligan – Discovering the World Within

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My exchange history includes a single month in Uganda with BoldLeaders in 2013 and six months in Senegal with YES Abroad in 2015-2016. While I learned a great deal from both programs, I feel I grew far more during my month in Uganda than I did my six months in Senegal due to the BoldLeaders training, intention, and support I received before and during my time in Uganda. Traveling abroad is always a valuable experience, but there are great depths that may never be discovered if you are not actively searching for them. Being overseas can easily be a purely superficial experience. A new country has many fascinating sights, sounds, smells, and so on, which makes it easy to get swept up in appearance [...]

16 03, 2016

Izze Thieme – Creating Awe

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I was once on a bus with two of my coaches from BoldLeaders, Michael and Charlie. We were in South Africa, finishing up our program there, when Charlie asked us this question: Can we create awe? Can we generate awe? Or is it something that simply happens to us? Throughout our travels, I thought a lot about this idea of awe and similar feelings. I experienced awe many times; as I was walking through Robben Island, as I was speaking to Dennis Goldberg, when we were running around on a beach, happy as crabs, and even when I was simply cooking food with the people I was with. Awe was around me often.  But how did it come about? Did I create it? Or did it happen [...]

16 03, 2016

Jack Bredar – You Cannot Fail

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  You may be thinking to yourself "What are these basic human resources? I don't really get it." That is, at least, what I thought when I was first introduced to them. But as I continue to think about basic human resources, I realize I am thinking about who I am and who I want to be in the world just as much as I am thinking about them as independent of myself. That's the thing, you are them and they are you. You just forgot. So, now, you may be thinking "Well, how do I remember? How do I re-adapt to the lack of use of my basic human resources?" I would first suggest you recognize that basic human resources are constantly in play. In this [...]

16 03, 2016

Caroline Meserve – Mind the Gap

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London was great because every time I boarded the Tube I was reminded to "mind the gap" - (The motto of BoldLeaders). I minded the gap within the relationships I made there but most importantly I minded that gap between myself and my surroundings. I got to experience so much last year and it would have been a shame if I had not been truly present for it. I intentionally made choices that made me uncomfortable and more aware of these gaps. I know from my BoldLeaders training that there is so much to gain from doing what makes me uncomfortable, which is what led me to choose a year long study abroad program where I would be traveling by myself, not with my school. [...]

16 03, 2016

Brian Winstanley – Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

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The most impactful aspect of the BoldLeaders curriculum, for me, was the concept of becoming “comfortable being uncomfortable”. As a young high school student, this motto became a way of life for me, both in my travels through Kenya and my experiences since. The level of growth that a person experiences directly relates to their willingness to be vulnerable and learn to embrace uncomfortable, new situations because without these situations, people remain stagnant. I grew tremendously as a person throughout the BoldLeaders program because I consciously made an effort to avoid taking the easy route but instead take the more difficult, uncomfortable route that would develop me the most as a person. BoldLeaders taught me that to see, do, become, and affect as much [...]

16 03, 2016

Natalie Walter – Expectations, Upset and Possibility

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I traveled to Kenya in 2011 with Bold Leaders when I was 17, and I traveled to Nepal two years later. I called my BoldLeaders coach Michael a little bit before I left; I was nervous to be gone for two and a half months, with much of that time spent with no internet or phone service, no lights or plumbing. Over the phone, Michael guided me to take out a piece of paper and begin to draw. There were two paths in this drawing, starting on the left side of the paper. One started at the word “possibility,” and one started at the word “expectation.” Both paths went through an upset in the center of the drawing. But, the path that started out as possibility [...]

12 02, 2016

Mikaela Lieb – Purposeful Participation

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The opportunity to travel and practice something internal, in my experience, was a practice in consciousness-raising. It was finding something to focus and hone in on that was important to me, within myself, and to be able to practice and expand and explore it. It grew me immensely in many ways. At this point, for me, maybe even more importantly than the way it allowed me to change the way I related to myself, was how it altered the way I related to my surroundings, the country I was in, and the people around me. It created space for me to act and think in intentional ways I hadn’t considered before. I acted and thought from a space of vulnerability, reflection, value, courage and trust. This [...]

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