• Created: July 10, 2017
my job for these past periods have been largely training people on entrepreneurship and personal development. I have been speaking before prospective members of the association of national accountants of Nigeria(ANAN), institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria(ICAN) as well as full fledge members. For instances between January and May 2017 alone, I have successfully mentored and encouraged 52 students sit for the professional examinations of becoming members of ANAN and ICAN. In may 2017, I was one of the speakers at ICAN workshop on the topic "using the project mangement mindset in small businesses". I was the only associate member to speak in the workshop, the rest were fellows. I was even the youngest and most of the participants were fellows. The number in attendance was about 40. In this month of June, I have spoken before 13 teenagers at "iKapture networks limited" on Business writing, business idea generation, managing finance and personal development. I was able to successfully talk them out of limiting beliefs, and as at today, 21st of June, 2017, they were all excited, setting great personal goals and dreaming of owning corporations. We even have promised to meet one another at the top of the ladder "billionaire's club".
Recall that Boldleaders and the US embassy had funded a project that we proposed for US with 2000 dollars in 2012/2013. From the proceeds of the poultry farm, we have obtained the approval of the CRS ministry of education to select and give micro scholarship to 6 indigent public school students by Septembe, 2017. We have gotten some implementation partners and believe that this will be another land mark achievement.