• Created: July 10, 2017
I have over the past 1 year been involved in a community youth leadership project. Through the project I have been able to facilitated and present to many young people around Kenya on civic engagement, community building and leadership, skills that I learnt and were nurtured with Boldleaders. I talk to young people around communities in Kenya on the need for them to actively participate in governance, electoral and leadership issues to positively change the causes of their communities. There is a sense of hopelessness in communities in Kenya and where I live. Many young people have given up in taking part in leadership issues and elections. What this means is we end up getting bad leaders. Many vulnerable groups including women and youth now think their voices no longer matter. I talk to young people in seminars and organized community summits on the need to evaluate the leaders before they elect them, on why they should be active participants in leadership issues because this affects policies that directly concern them and giving them a platform for their voice to be heard. This has been an exciting thing for me to do since am passionate about it.