• Created: July 10, 2017
I maintains a leadership motivational blog in Kenya, OneStepBeyond (mosesaumaspeakssite.wordpress.com) where I help many youths (especially high school students and institutions of higher learning) to unleash their potentials by discovering and exploiting their Basic Human Resources. Here in Kenya, we have one very big problem with youths: they have energies, geniuses, capabilities but they remain largely unoppened. It is in that basis, as a bold leader that I took the leadership challenge to start this blog. My work involves communicating their worths and potentials in ways they come to see it themselves. I even identify those youths doing positive things and interview them to inspire others. I address modern day challenges like alcoholism, drugs, peer pressure among others that have stealthily creapt among my youths. I write articles and have them circulated by a team of friends on WhatsApp groups and Facebook. I get on average 500 readers per day after releasing an article. I write 5 articles per month using a phone as don't own a laptop.