This course opens on 09/21/2019. The first week's material will be available when you first enroll. After that, each week's material is available on the Sunday of that week.

Course Information

Who is this for?

Educators, facilitators, managers! If you want to overcome common challenges in the workplace, classroom and community, this course will help you. You will learn accessible and easy-to-implement ideas and methods that will cause immediate results!

How long will it take?

The class is ‘in-session’ for 4 weeks, but you have access to the classroom and the material for as long as you would like. We suggest you plan on devoting a minimum of 8 – 12 hours to the course.

Tell me more…

Building off the Framework for Availability, we approach the course from two angles:

  1. Giving you plenty of options to diagnose and problem-solve common issues through Group Discussions and 1:1 consultation, the Activation class lets you put the Framework into real concrete action.
  2. Examining common challenges in groups: Conflict Resolution, Building Ownership, Dealing with Upsets and more, we use the Framework and new processes/methods to interact with situations in a healthy and holistic manner that strengthens the Relational Environment.

Course Instructors

Brady Rhodes Brady Rhodes Author

I am really looking forward to working with you! My goal is to help you increase participation, learning and collaboration in any setting people come together: classrooms, boardrooms, the workplace, community groups and more. Together we will use profoundly simple yet uniquely effectively processes and structures that will naturally help people be their best selves and elevate human performance. Go to our Team page if you want to read more about my past work.

Michael Donahue Michael Donahue Author

Co-Founder and current Co-Director of Boldleaders. Champion of the Human Spirit. I am honored to have lived a life graced by so many people like the Fellows of BoldLeaders and the thousands of people our programs have impacted since 1998. I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel the world and meet hundreds of people from all walks of life. I struggle with articulating what we have designed over the years yet stand firmly rooted in the obvious results generated, both measurable and immeasurable. I can be reached directly at and also via linkedIn and Facebook.

One-Time Payment


Payment Plan

per week for 4 total payments

Course + 1 hr Additional Private Coaching


Pre-Course – Introduction and Review of the Framework

Week 1: Building Ownership through Enrollment

Week 2: Mindful Listening

Week 3: Conflicts, Complaints and Upsets

Week 4: Question Based Facilitation and Continuous Exploratory Dialogue