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We provide personalized coaching and consulting for youth, executives, teachers and non-profit leaders. Click below for more information!

We distinguish the role of a coach as: someone who sees and says things that help a player win their game.  We distinguish that the role of a player is to participate; to play the game.  Our style of coaching is to first and foremost to understand what ‘game’ it is you want to play.  Where do you want to win, achieve or have success?  Once we understand what you would like coaching on, we take the time to ask permission to coach you – knowing that this is something to always keep our eye on!  From there, we use our Elemental Human Resources and a practice of reach and reciprocity to support you in winning at your game.  Reach and reciprocity is simply the idea of stretching yourself into new areas, in a specific way that is measurable, attainable and time-bound.  We then talk with you about what worked and what did not work, and then suggest a new or adapted ‘play’ to run next.  This constant give and take supports accountability and the building of new habits and levels of performance.