Increase Student Agency With Our Virtual Training

We understand the challenge of teaching. Especially in a pandemic.  You need natural, accesible ways to:

  • Build Student Voice

  • Increase Ownership

  • Foster Engagement

The on-demand Mind the Gap Master Class can help!  We provide intuitive, easy-to-implement strategies and processes – 20 years in the making – that helps build agency, voice and participation with students.  We guide you in creating learning environments of mutuality!

More Engagement, Agency and Learning – immediately!

6 Modules  |  8 Video Lessons  |  $199 $180* (use code: TOGETHER)

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Payment Plan

$5500Per week for 4 weeks
  • Life-time access to all modules, the printable templates, the group discussion page and live support with the instructors.

One-Time Payment

  • Life-time access to all modules, the printable templates, the group discussion page and live support with the instructors.

Value Add! Coaching

  • Life-time access to the course + 1 hour of private coaching specific to your need, available anytime within one year of purchase!

Free Introduction Video Lesson: The Framework for Availability

The video below shares the Framework for Availability: what we build for you throughout the course that will help you become more available and cause the same availability in others (more open, receptive, engaged).  It will show how we use the Framework to create a Relational Environment: the elusive yet common denominator at the center of any high performing individual or group. [Editorial note: at one point in the video the instructor references the “6 week course” – the course is 6 modules that can be completed in anywhere from several hours to several days].


Student Agency

Stronger Buy-In and Ownership


Help students use their voice and self-direction to gain…

  • Better communication
  • Less drama & more integrity
  • Stronger alignment and dedication
  • Greater self-agency and involvement
  • Increased problem-solving

Motivated Learning

Increase Self-Agency


You will create relational environments that:

  • Reduce barriers to learning
  • Facilitate exploration of new ideas
  • Foster greater perspective-sharing
  • Germinate curiosity
  • Grow inquisitiveness
  • Build proximity and relationships

High Engagement

Enhance Productivity


Stop your students from ‘keeping their distance’:

  • Less holding-back
  • More genuine participation
  • Less isolation and silo-building
  • More willingness to cooperate
  • Less mischief and dysfunction
  • More alignment to a shared purpose



I can say that the BoldLeaders training curriculum, without a doubt, is the most advanced and cutting-edge leadership program that I have experienced.”

Kate Mullin, Educator, Writer

The work of BoldLeaders in opening the minds of leaders around the world far surpasses the alternative programming offered and truly works lasting change in the hearts and minds of all participants. The inspiration of the principles of BoldLeaders inspired my work with the Graduate Research and Innovation Fellowships Network at USAID.”

Hannah Chasen

If you – on both local and global levels were equipped with this type of leadership development, you would be able to affect the type of progress in your own lives and in our world that would truly make a difference.”

Quinn Brady, Community Activist, Educator


Brady Rhodes
25 years Large Group Facilitation and Program Design; Strategic Planning and Productivity Consultant; Veteran Educator and Trainer.
Michael Donahue
Michael DonahueINSTRUCTOR
30 Years Large Group Facilitation; Facilitator Trainer; Education and School Design Consultant; Restorative Relationship Practitioner