All Life is Relational.  As Engagement Specialists, we give you profound relationship-building practices to maximize participation, learning and collaboration.

BoldLeaders provides an on-demand e-learning Master Class as the core framework while also offering direct support consulting and products to enhance relationships and learning.

Have you taken the Mind the Gap Master Class yet?  It’s the first place to start with BoldLeaders – get started.

Free Master Class Preview!

Explore the new Mind the Gap Master Class e-Learning Course

Free Master Class Preview!

Explore the new Mind the Gap Master Class e-Learning Course

When You Want More

In the Workplace

Lacking mission focus or participation? Need to achieve results but not sure how to align and motivate teams to get there?  We work in-person or through our E-Learning Course and Consulting to help you build highly engaging Relational Environments in any setting.

In the School & Classroom

Struggling to integrate relationship building and SEL? We have been helping schools and teachers around the world (Four continent 20+ countries) build connection-rich classrooms, full of ownership and engagement for 20 years. Uniquely simple and accessible.

In Your World

Working to unify a group? Build a mentoring program? Create leaders? We are trusted around the world to activate the transformative energy of relationships and exponentially increase sustainable results through unique training that works with each person.

Introducing the Mind the Gap Master Class – Now On-Demand

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Master Class

The Mind the Gap Master Class is now an e-learning online course available to you anywhere in the world.  Learn the fundamentals BoldLeaders took around the world with the U.S. State Department and countless non-profit organizations that changed lives.

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BoldLeaders Instructors

Your instuctors have spent decades traveling the world and working with diverse groups with diverse backgrounds.  BoldLeaders has built it’s framework on human elementals that yield breakthrough performance.

More About Us
Brady Rhodes
Brady has taught and worked in diverse national and international settings, designed curriculum for multiple programs and consulted with leading agencies, educators, corporations and U.S. Embassies around the world.
Michael Donahue
Michael DonahueINSTRUCTOR
Twenty years of transformational program design and delivery, a background in classical and applied psychology, and specialization in group dynamics and dialogue makes Michael an expert resource for any learning initiative.


Here’s what some of our past BoldLeaders have had to say:

“I have worked with a variety of community training organizations over the past 10 years and can say that the BoldLeaders training curriculum, without a doubt, is the most advanced and cutting-edge leadership program that I have experienced.  The material is simple and accessible.  The content is a game-changer for individuals and organizations that desire shift. Participants leave their sessions with tools to catalyze innovative and inspired movements in their workplace, school or community.”

Kate Mullin

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