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Who is a Bold Leader?

…someone who chooses to move beyond the limited parameters of what is commonly accepted in order to cause valuable perspectives to arise that were not apparent before.


In a world hungry for performance, mindful experiences, relationships and understanding, BoldLeaders delivers.

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Our Story


Expansive International Growth

The organization grew with this mindset from 2003-2014 largely through the development, implementation and follow-through of 16 large-scale international youth and adult exchange programs that were at least a year-long and focused on leadership development, community engagement, conflict resolution and much more – often within marginalized communities.  Managing over $3.5 million in federal funds, the organization worked with thousands of people and was the launch pad for hundreds of Community Action Projects developed and implemented by participants.

2003-2014: Core Curriculum and Design Platforms Created

During this same period and continuing into 2015, the organization created a unique Core Curriculum based on the BoldLeaders Design Platforms, consulted with education organizations. schools and community groups around the world and did extensive program development and facilitation with local organizations in Colorado.

Our Leadership

Glenna Norvelle

Glenna is a respected and long-time contributor in Colorado with a focus on education and not-for-profit service. Her expertise and passion is in developing leaders, with a special focus on emerging leaders. She is a talented facilitator with an abil

Michael Donahue

Twenty years of transformational program design and delivery, a background in classical and applied psychology, and specialization in group dynamics and dialogue makes Michael an expert resource for any learning initiative.

Brady Rhodes

Brady has taught and worked in diverse national and international settings, designed curriculum for multiple programs and consulted with leading agencies, educators, corporations and U.S. Embassies around the world.

Wendy Talley

For over 25 years Wendy has worked as a Social Worker with vulnerable populations from people experiencing serious mental health issues, homeless families and at risk youth developing programs and policies.


Our Global Leadership Program Impact