Our story started in Northern Ireland…

…and grew to include 21 other countries over the next 20 years.

The BoldLeaders Story

In 1998, Michael Donahue & Michael Garramone together started Critical Mass Leadership Education (CMLE) to solve conflicts and problems.  After working with the peace process in Northern Ireland, CMLE  joined forces with Brady Rhodes and began similar work with the divided island of Cyprus in 2003.  With this effort, the BoldLeaders program was born and quickly expanded to work with the U.S. Department of State to manage & facilitate conflict resolution and civic engagement programming around the world.

Thousands of participants later, BoldLeaders has developed tailored programs with students and teachers throughout Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States.  The diversity of experiences has lead to the creation of unique frameworks that weave evidence-based methodologies with real-world application and a drive to find the best ways to ignite the deep engagement.  These frameworks and training have since been used throughout the U.S. to build student achievement, help schools navigate challenging transitions and build the skills of hundreds of teachers and mentors.

BoldLeaders Can Increase Participation, Learning & Collaboration in Even The Toughest Environments

Relationships drive outcomes and sometimes you need and want more. But how does one get that? You can’t force it. You need BoldLeaders.

Using a framework built from experience working around the world with all ages and backgrounds, BoldLeaders helps you spin up the fan of engagement to reach your desired outcome or mission.

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BoldLeaders Management Team

Meet the Thoughtful Leaders Driving Our Organization

Michael Donahue

Co-Director & Principle Instructor

Twenty years of transformational program design and delivery, a background in classical and applied psychology, and specialization in group dynamics and dialogue makes Michael an expert resource for any learning initiative.  He is the Co-Director of Critical Mass Leadership Education, Inc. (CMLE), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to guiding people in having an experience of impacting  and influencing their environment.  Michael has spent the last 15 years working with thousands of teens and adults from around the world, including those who impact young people’s lives such as teachers, parents and coaches.


  • Led programs ranging from conflict resolution, leadership development, civic engagement, diversity & inclusion to organizational management, effective communication and project design and completion.

  • His work spans anything from single and multi-day trainings with school districts, corporate groups and non-profits to year- long projects with the U.S.  Department of State

  • His passion for the transformational  power of conflict has led him to work with marginalized people in the USA, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Central Europe.

  • Michael’s work with teens and educators on the divided island of Cyprus since 2003 is well established and recognized by the United Nations, the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia and several on-island NGO’s.

Brady Rhodes

Co-Director & Principle Instructor

With 25 Years of Experience Brady has taught and worked in diverse national and international settings, designed curriculum for multiple programs and consulted with leading agencies, educators, corporations and U.S. Embassies around the world. He has done extensive work in inner-city schools, supported diversion programs and developed substantial mentoring programs with several schools and youth agencies.


  • Brady supports strategic development, conflict resolution and team functionality within companies. organizations and communities.

  • As a Community Dialogue facilitator, Facilitator Trainer and trained Mediator, Brady brings a purposeful yet calm ethic into dynamic situations and eases the movement and relationships of people towards more collaborative and self-fulfilling spaces.

  • As Co-Director of BoldLeaders, Brady has helped create the BoldLeaders Design Principles, which have been used to design and deliver unique, long-lasting programming to educators, institutions, communities, schools and organizations in 16 countries around the world and throughout the United States.

  • Brady travels extensively and works remotely to support the work of community organizations, schools and BoldLeader’s Alumni around the world. He has a Master’s degree in Experiential Education and lives in Hastings, Nebraska with his family.

  • Brady is a father of three, he has competed in multiple Ironman triathlons.

Let Us Help You Get Results

Human beings in all settings interact within relationships.  We work with diverse groups of all ages and backgrounds but we’ve listed out a few to help you understand how BoldLeaders can work alongside your mission to get more.

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Consulting through Direct Support

Catered to you culture, unique mission & vision and your employee needs our custom designed leadership solutions will help you get more.  More Information…

Breakthrough training customized to get more in social emotional learning & creating relational environments.  Take me to more information…

BoldLeaders has led mentorship framework training all around the world and the tools we empower help you to make the relationships go further and impact the lives of those you work alongside.  Take me to more information…

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