Our Master Class course for Teachers helps you create relationship-centric environments that increase engagement, agency and human flourishing.

Our game-changing tool The Elementals helps you build Social Emotional Learning and expands student voice and expression. 

New SEL Tool and Curriculum!

Download A Description Of The Elementals Framework Here

Our Framework, coaching and specific workshops can be delivered in person or online through the BoldLeaders Institute.  Call now for a free consultation.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive consultation plan for your school, a one-day experiential program that builds connection, self-expression and empathy among an entire grade-level or a multi-day facilitated retreat, BoldLeaders offers unique program and consulting services that will cause a shift in the dynamics of human relationships in your community. We have worked with and hosted groups of all sizes.

The skills that BoldLeaders passes onto students and teachers challenge them to step out of their self-focused culture and truly see their community.  The organization cares deeply about developing leaders who have a strong sense of self and depth of perspective.  They are teaching students that every day, every moment matters, and our students are better because of BoldLeaders’ work with us.

Nicole Mahobian, Founder, Colorado Young Leaders

“The BoldLeaders’ Platform of Availability could, quite simply, be a game-changer for the world of education.”

Glenna Norvelle, Former CEO - Colorado Education Initiative