Relationships drive human performance in all organizations. 

Our Framework for Availability creates relationship-centric environments that increase engagement, ownership, cooperation and human flourishing.

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“This workshop was absolutely an amazing experience for me.   I can really recommend this – it is beyond anything that I have ever done.  We have been lifting the bar for the last 20 years, and I did not think we could lift it any higher, but it was lifted even higher!”

Hamish Hamilton, Nabaki Afika

“BoldLeaders’ experience unites into one framework of human communication and engagement.  For executives and managers, they are the type of trainers you want to invite in.  This is a training experience that speaks to one’s individual aspirations while confronting the tough realities.  BoldLeaders provides the tools to make it all possible; offering value in a better way to communicate and entice strong collaboration.”

Jeremy Bliler, Insightrise, Inc