Who Is This For?

This course is for Educators, Facilitators, Community Leaders, Managers – anyone who wants to get MORE results from individuals, classes, teams or groups.

How Will It Help Me?

Are you are constantly working to inspire, direct, teach and engage people? Are you challenged by how hard it is to get groups on the same page and participating? If you want to increase engagement in any group you are working with, you are in the right place. The Mind The Gap Master Class will give you the solutions to those challenges that help you build relationships, increase learning and productivity and foster collaboration.

We have spent 25 years training leaders to build highly productive teams and classrooms. We use a beautiful framework that simplifies the complexity of working with groups – we know it will make a difference for you!

For Educators: Getting students interested and engaged while developing their own voice and expression is so hard when they can so easily keep their distance. With a combined 40 years of teaching and training educators K-16, we can help you create relationship-centric classrooms that you are proud of and get students participating as agents of their own learning.

For Facilitators: Fostering dialogue, participation and getting buy-in when people are apathetic or checked out is so difficult! Instead of tricks or gimmicks, we train you in specific processes to build alignment and engagement so the group you are working with is tuned-in and with you.

For Team Leaders: We know the challenge of bringing people together, dealing with apathy and getting everyone on the same page. The Master Class will help you facilitate better meetings, foster buy-in and support people being their best selves – even in virtual environments!

Helpful in the Current Moment…

This is a short video welcome from Michael Donahue and Brady Rhodes, the Instructors for the Course, that we added to the course after COVID began impacting schools and communities. There was clearly a need for new engagement strategies and the Course helped many educators deal with remote school. While COVID is not disrupting things at the level it was in 2020-21, there continue to be serious disruptions to how we engage with others in the world today and this welcome is still relevant. This video is simply a thank you for your interest and a chance for you to ‘meet’ us.

How Much Does It Cost?

We do our best to keep the cost manageable. Please contact us for group rates. The fee is fully-refundable if you are not satisfied.

One-Time Payment


Your payment gives you access to all six modules, the printable templates and products, the group discussion page and regular live discussions with the instructors!  

Payment Plan

per week for 4 total payments

Your payment gives you access to all six modules, the printable templates and products, the group discussion page and regular live discussions with the instructors!  

Course +1hr Private Coaching


Full access to the course as well as an additional hour of private coaching specific to your need by either of the instructors.  The hour of coaching is even available after you complete the modules if needed.

How Long Will It Take?

Most participants find that the class is thought-provoking and can disrupt normal habits of working and being with people (in a good way)! Taking the time to think about and apply the learning will really help. While you could go through the six modules in 10-15 hours total, we recommend taking 2-3 weeks. Learn 1-2 modules a week and take time to reflect and practice the ideas during your normal activities and interactions.

What are the Deep Dives?

The Deep Dive Discussions are a weekly video chat opportunity to learn from others, ask your questions and get support specific to your own situation. They also help hold you accountable! While the Deep Dives are not mandatory, we highly recommend participating. We find that learners who do are more engaged and have higher ownership for their learning. We schedule at least one a week at and can poll current participants to learn the best time and day. The Deep Dives are a great chance for you to problem-solve current challenges and brain-storm solutions with the experienced course instructors and other participants.

What is the Format of the Modules?

Each module starts with a recorded Zoom-style presentation that uses the Prezi presentation platform to visually explore the Framework, while the instructors narrate and provide deeper explanation. This makes it easy to pause and return to different segments as needed. Accompanying each video are further written descriptions, some audio introductions and templates to print out and use on your own. Most importantly perhaps are the Practice suggestions and Reflection Prompts: using the newly-learned material in your real life workspace and personal life will enrich the learning experience and deepen your understanding. Plus it makes for great conversation during the Deep Dives!

The Course Outline can be viewed below and each Module’s components are described so you can get a sense of what each one focuses on.

Can I Try It Out First?

There is free access to most of Module 1 below and you can see all the different lessons and get a sense of how the course is structured.

Can I Get a Refund If I Don’t Like It?

Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with the course, please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to refund your payment.

The End Result

MUCH Greater ownership, achievement, engagement, partnership.

MUCH Less apathy, drama, miscommunication, distance and low participation

Professionally AND Personally

All BoldLeaders courses are designed with the whole YOU in mind. Our work will be immediately useful in the workplace for sure, yet these are human-centered practices that work in any environment. We know they will be helpful to you personally throughout your life with friends, family, partners and more.


An end of the course assessment is available for everyone who would like to receive a certificate of completion from BoldLeaders. We are working on developing the course for Continuing Education Credit and will apply that as it becomes available.

Course Instructors

Brady Rhodes Brady Rhodes Author

I am really looking forward to working with you! My goal is to help you increase participation, learning and collaboration in any setting people come together: classrooms, boardrooms, the workplace, community groups and more. Together we will use profoundly simple yet uniquely effectively processes and structures that will naturally help people be their best selves and elevate human performance. Go to our Team page if you want to read more about my past work.

Michael Donahue Michael Donahue Author

Co-Founder and current Co-Director of Boldleaders. Champion of the Human Spirit. I am honored to have lived a life graced by so many people like the Fellows of BoldLeaders and the thousands of people our programs have impacted since 1998. I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel the world and meet hundreds of people from all walks of life. I struggle with articulating what we have designed over the years yet stand firmly rooted in the obvious results generated, both measurable and immeasurable. I can be reached directly at [email protected] and also via linkedIn and Facebook.

The Mind the Gap Master Class – Free Material and Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction and Learn to Create a Shared Intention

Module 2: The Value of Causing Relational Environments

Module 3: Generating Participation, Learning and Collaboration Begins With You

Module 4: Using the Metaphor of the Elephant Rider and the Value of Cause Pause 

Module 5: Understanding the Value of Best Self in Creating Relational Environments

Module 6: Causing Availability in Others: the First 10 and Tying It All Together

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