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The Elementals – Actions for the Practice of Life are engaging cards describing 16 qualities of being human, common to everyone.  The cards promote mindfulness through reflection and discussion for students and adults.

Everyone has adapted to not using some of the Elementals, which teachers can use to spark an intriguing discussion:

  • Which ones have you gotten used to not using?
  • What would be the value to you if you practiced those?
  • How would you practice them?

In just a few minutes you can:

  1. Give students a chance to identify personally relevant areas of themselves they are ‘missing’ and would like to reclaim
  2. Prompt meaningful discussion that opens doors to relationship-building, self-expression, and student agency
  3. Watch students generate meaningful action goals that have them engaging in the world.

An easy-to-use Companion Guide is available to provide further ideas, discussion questions, and worksheets.  The use of the Elementals ignites actions that build self-agency and deepens essential social and emotional skills.

Curious about how we got to this idea? Check out this short Prezi.

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“The Elementals are like a voice in my head telling me to go beyond what’s familiar or comfortable.  There is a wonderfully optimistic flavor to each card.”

Dr. Sandra Rhodes, Psychologist

“I used these with my class and referred to them as ‘Super Powers’ – students loved thinking about them that way!”

Jack Bredar, Educator

“Practicing the Elementals has been extraordinary.  Waking up to them, appreciating them…was fantastic.  They are a treasure and a lifetime journey that one can practice but not know.”

Alisa Zapiler, CEO, Creative Arts and Events

“They greatly helped improve my engagement with people in my life.”

Edita Jakovljevic, Mother, nurse

“The Elementals activity calls for pausing our busy lives and taking time to observe, reflect, listen and act.”

Irina Erickson, Elementary School Principle

“It made personal growth something more simple and not so daunting and complex. I loved the focus on one thing.”

Michael Delzer, President, First Class Financial Services

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Educator Companion Guide

Provides more information & six ways to use them in the classroom, with individual students, in your lesson planning and more. Student worksheet and action-planning tool included.