What parents say when we asked “What difference did participating with BoldLeaders make for your son or daughter?”

“She is a different person. I believe her outlook and experience will last a lifetime and possibly move her toward foreign service.  She was more willing to share difficult situations with us and also knowing she has a new support group.  I can’t say enough about what the whole package meant to us. It’s the best thing that molded her way of life.”

“She  left with a great level of confidence, a desire to do more with causes she is passionate about and opened new interests for degree programs when applying to colleges this fall.”

“He is much more open and compassionate. See the plight of others as on obligation to at least acknowledge and whenever possible get involved in hopes of making a difference.”

“He is much more comfortable with sharing his opinion with people that are not his close family. Engaged in debate over important issues of the day. Willing to take more risks. As he headed off to college, I felt that he was very well prepared to jump into its many opportunities for connection and growth, thanks to the BoldLeaders program emphasis on Mind the Gap and a life fully lived. Indeed, his college experience thus far has been excellent.”

“My son attended an excellent public high school and got a good education there. But most public schools lack resources or curriculum that can provide a seminar-like experience of a small group that intensely investigates things of a psychological and spiritual nature. That is what BoldLeaders provided him, along with peer encouragement and insight, a much broader perspective on the world, and a sense that he can make a difference.”

“It opened  her eyes to the world and changed her perspective of life in general. Still not sure where all of that will take her – yet was very positive and changed her path in life.”

“We will only know the real impact in around 10 years – it changed her course in life and made her a much deeper and inquisitive person.”

“The BoldLeaders program brought out (enhanced) many qualities in her. She was always a reflective person but was able to analyze work/opportunites/relationships more effectively. I believe the program gave her confidence to know what she can accomplish. She is less afraid of failing. She has grown in her communication skills and willingness to take on leadership roles.”

“She was naturally empathetic before but now is more actively engaged for social justice. She also knows how to participate as a leader in a group without being aggressive or bossy. She has learned how to collaborate.”

“She gained self-confidence, a connection to peers who were also seeking to move beyond the restricted perspectives of their specific locales, and learned a lot about leadership skills.”

“She enjoyed the adult and peer connections she established through BoldLeaders. This contributed to her sense of having a support network as she considered what was significant to her in her next steps.”

“The BoldLeader experience was literally life-altering for her. She “grew up” as a result of her experience. It created a path to self-love and self-awareness that would not have occurred without the experience.”

“She is able to look past the labels that are so readily thrown about as an older teen, and has looked inside for her identity and trusts what she has found. She is mostly free of many of the stories that most older teens get stuck in, and is creating a powerful life as a result.”

” The program gave her interest in participating globally for the education of young women. That alone gave me a different sense of her empathy and maturity.”

“I think it gave her even more confidence and a yearning to do great things beyond just being a “normal teenager,” and it inspired and continues to inspire her to think globally and to try to be a leader in her group of friends and in our community and beyond.”

“I think that BoldLeaders does an amazing job in terms of teaching being present in the moment, open and honest communication and the confidence to know how important (yet sometimes how difficult) that can be, to mind the gap of different cultures, etc. All of these skills honestly are probably way more important than GPAs, test scores, etc. for long term success and happiness throughout an entire lifespan. So what you provide is what I think parents wish their children would have received in High School if they were not able to participate in the BoldLeaders program.”

“He became much more sure of himself and realized that he had the talent and ability to act on his concern for humanity.”

“BoldLeaders has figured out how to bring a diverse group of students together and help them connect with one another and understand each other’s perspectives.. . .. BoldLeaders has what it takes to help school leaders break down barriers and it would have been great for motivated, community-minded students to get that type of training their freshman year so they could help transform the social culture of the school and make it more welcoming for a diverse group of students.”

“He is more in tune to current events than previously. Also, connected to a broader group of people- for instance, not exclusively hanging out with the same friends he sees all day at school, but venturing off. . .”

“Built confidence, expanded her perspective of global issues and of other people in general, gave her numerous tools for understanding deep themes in life, built strong friendships with many dynamic leaders here and abroad, opened her eyes to the excitement of travel, new cultures, new histories, and so much more.”

” I think the biggest difference is her general confidence level, and willingness to dive right in to situations. While she’s always been social and outgoing, I think Bold Leaders added a depth and centeredness to her as well.”

“I believe the BoldLeader program helped her to see the world as a bigger place than just her high school, or what she perceived it to be. It allowed her to ‘go big’ at college and to open herself to the experience. The general BoldLeaders principles can be found in many different programs. It seems that each time one of the principles is found in another area it reinforces the BoldLeaders teaching and experience.”

“I have seen the the BoldLeader core principles repeated over and over again. These have become part of our family vernacular not just her.  She seemed to become more confident and humbler at the same time.”