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The first e-learning center for BoldLeaders makes it possible to reach diverse audiences around the world – all coming together in one place to learn the BoldLeaders framework.  The Minding the Gap Master Class is a must for educators, facilitators, managers and anyone working to build connection and engagement.I

t’s FREE to register and then choose when you enroll in the Minding the Gap Master Class.

Want On-Site Framework Training?

Get more participation, learning and collaboration with an in-person facilitated training by BoldLeaders.

Continued Education & Program Follow-up

After Institute e-learning or in-person training you need to know that you can get follow-up and continued education to build on the foundation you put in place.  We offer tailored modules, 1:1 coaching and a participant community forum.

Continuing Framework Education

We offer an accessible and relationship-centric training for leaders, mentors and more to improve their coaching skills and outcomes.

If you need help getting people on-board, telling the same story and focusing on the mission of your company, school or organization, this is for you!  We have developed a five-part framework for enrolling people into an idea, mission or program that works in all settings and will help you streamline your message and get people collaborating with passion and ownership.

Keep up the momentum from the Master Class with this quick yet profound way to look at how to respond to upsets.  We train you in Mindful Listening, interacting with the source of the upset (rarely what you think it is!) and restorative practices that get relationships back on track.

Follow-up Framework Coaching

Catered to your culture, your employee needs and your unique mission & vision, our custom designed leadership solutions will help you get more.  We offer this via video platform, web chat or phone at reasonable rates.

We have helped entire schools implement aspects of the Framework in classroom, homeroom and advisory settings.  This follow-up personalized training is customized to integrate social emotional learning & build transformative relational environments that drive collaborative achievement.

Participated in the Master Class and now want to role out the Framework throughout your organization?  We help you plan and implement new workplace initiatives.

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