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Wondering What This Is About?  Read On…

Viral Bold Leader Challenge:

  1. Create a video sharing about a bold leader in your life: someone who is stepping up to the challenges of the current moment.  In the video, tell us:
    • Who they are
    • What makes them a bold leader?
    • What you appreciate about them?
    • In your video challenge two other people to nominate bold leaders in their world.
  2. Share your video on all your platforms and tag the person you are highlighting and the people you are nominating.
  3. Register your video at challenge.boldleaders.org
  4. On August 1st we will award a $500 scholarship towards BoldLeader courses to the video that receives the most attention 

If you don’t want to create a videodonate to BoldLeaders Scholarship Fund where we use 100% of all donations to fund scholarships to our Master Class for community non-profit groups.