Glenna Norvelle

Glenna is a respected and long-time contributor in the Colorado community with a focus on education and not-for-profit service. Her expertise and passion is in developing leaders, with a special focus on emerging leaders. She is a talented facilitator with an ability to lead teams with divergent perspectives to a shared purpose and plan. Having coached and mentored teams and individuals for over 25 years, she is adept at moving people quickly towards a shared vision. Most recently, Glenna served as the president and CEO of the Colorado Education Initiative whose mission is to accelerate educational improvement and innovation throughout Colorado. Glenna led the organization through strategic alignment and planning ensuring a strong Foundation from which to

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Wendy Talley

For over 25 years Wendy has worked as a Social Worker with vulnerable populations from people experiencing serious mental health issues, homeless families and at risk youth developing programs and policies. For several years she has initiated a consulting practice, which includes working in communities to address issues related to the social determinates of health (i.e. food access, employment, education, mental health, and housing). Most recently, her work with BoldLeaders has seen her creating dynamic programming to impact adults and young people from around the world through intensive leadership experiences. Wendy’s passion is to create an environment where the state health and integrated wellness prevails, where the community spirit is fed by civic engagement, the body is

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Michael Donahue

Group Dynamics Expert and Educator Twenty years of transformational program design and delivery, a background in classical and applied psychology, and specialization in group dynamics and dialogue makes Michael an expert resource for any learning initiative.  He is the Co-Director of Critical Mass Leadership Education, Inc. (CMLE), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to guiding people in having an experience of impacting  and influencing their environment.  Michael has spent the last 15 years working with thousands of teens and adults from around the world, including those who impact young people’s lives such as teachers, parents and coaches.  Michael is often times contracted as a motivational speaker for groups such as the Institute for International Education and the Orbis Institute.

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Brady Rhodes

25 Years of Experience Brady has taught and worked in diverse national and international settings, designed curriculum for multiple programs and consulted with leading agencies, educators, corporations and U.S. Embassies around the world. He has done extensive work in inner-city schools, supported diversion programs and developed substantial mentoring programs with several schools and youth agencies. Educator Professional Development, Workplace Facilitation In addition to his work in education, Brady supports strategic development, conflict resolution and team functionality within companies. organizations and communities. As a Community Dialogue facilitator, Facilitator Trainer and trained Mediator, Brady brings a purposeful yet calm ethic into dynamic situations and eases the movement and relationships of people towards more collaborative and self-fulfilling spaces. Innovator and

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