When I started my journey abroad I had a vast amount of feelings, spreading from fear to excitement. I think I found that being a Boldleader allowed me to see that there is beauty in each of these feelings that I was having.

My time abroad has been one filled with uncomfortable situations allowing for me to transform my perspectives about the world even more, and making me come alive!

These feelings of vulnerability led to some of my greatest memories during my time abroad thus far. It has also allowed me to explore some of the basic human resources that I had lost, which were touch and voice. The relationships and friendships that I have gained through these amazing experiences has made me believe in myself so much more and has helped me enjoy every weird, joyful, and different minute of my time here. I found that the amount that I put in is minimal to the great amount I have gotten out from this experience. I wanted to participate fully and play the fool, and so far it has given me the world!