You may be thinking to yourself “What are these basic human resources? I don’t really get it.” That is, at least, what I thought when I was first introduced to them. But as I continue to think about basic human resources, I realize I am thinking about who I am and who I want to be in the world just as much as I am thinking about them as independent of myself. That’s the thing, you are them and they are you. You just forgot. So, now, you may be thinking “Well, how do I remember? How do I re-adapt to the lack of use of my basic human resources?” I would first suggest you recognize that basic human resources are constantly in play. In this moment ask yourself, who is participating? What am I observing? What senses am I employing? How is my memory remembering? You will soon realize that what you were looking for was right in front of you. As you open your eyes to the constant play of these resources, ask yourself “To what basic human resource do I feel I have become most disconnected?” and then practice it! Have you become adapted to the lack of use of participation? Participate! Does your body feel creaky and tired? Move, dance, run, jump!

As you travel to distant lands in the coming months, allow the space you enter to serve as a laboratory for the practice of your most disconnected resource. Observe what you create through your action. You cannot fail.[