The most impactful aspect of the BoldLeaders curriculum, for me, was the concept of becoming “comfortable being uncomfortable”. As a young high school student, this motto became a way of life for me, both in my travels through Kenya and my experiences since. The level of growth that a person experiences directly relates to their willingness to be vulnerable and learn to embrace uncomfortable, new situations because without these situations, people remain stagnant.

I grew tremendously as a person throughout the BoldLeaders program because I consciously made an effort to avoid taking the easy route but instead take the more difficult, uncomfortable route that would develop me the most as a person.

BoldLeaders taught me that to see, do, become, and affect as much as possible in our lives, we must first put ourselves in situations where we can break ourselves down, build ourselves up, and grow into the strongest, most interesting, experienced people we can be. This is one way to build ourselves into courageous leaders, something the world desperately needs.