London was great because every time I boarded the Tube I was reminded to “mind the gap” – (The motto of BoldLeaders). I minded the gap within the relationships I made there but most importantly I minded that gap between myself and my surroundings. I got to experience so much last year and it would have been a shame if I had not been truly present for it.

I intentionally made choices that made me uncomfortable and more aware of these gaps. I know from my BoldLeaders training that there is so much to gain from doing what makes me uncomfortable, which is what led me to choose a year long study abroad program where I would be traveling by myself, not with my school.

I learned how to keep pushing, figure things out on my own, ask for help when I needed it and play at a new level. While I was there I did something that was uncomfortable everyday, from starting a conversation with someone new to exploring a different part of London or traveling to another country for a weekend. “Minding the gap” and “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” were extremely important aspects of my year but I think the biggest thing I took with me to London was paying attention to my limiting beliefs. There were A LOT of times I caught myself thinking that I was not smart enough to study at the London School of Economics or not strong enough to be away from everyone I knew for a year. Similarly, moving across the world by myself was terrifying and overwhelming and I made mistakes. Being able to recognized my limiting beliefs in the moment was wildly important because I was smart enough and strong enough to handle it. Once I identified that these thoughts were limiting me, I was able to confront them and spend my energy learning and being in London.