In the midst of shelter-in-place and quarantine, and as we all practice different ways of being and doing,

BoldLeaders will offer regular posts to share ways to use your Elementals.  The Elementals are core aspects of being human that we all share.  We like to say they are “the doing of being”.  One of the best parts about practicing the Elementals is that they get you into ACTION.  Mental health experts are warning us that one of the biggest challenges to the current situation is a kind of mental atrophy that can easily set in when forced to limit your activities and location.  Take a look at the Elementals below and use the questions to stimulate actions you can do, TODAY.  Post your actions and results in the comments section or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (this will help others think of ways to use their Elementals!).

INSTRUCTIONS: Read through the description/context of the Elementals below and consider the questions that follow.  Come up with several ways you could practice the two Elementals in conjunction with each other or separately.  What can you do, right now to practice these vital aspects of yourself?


Relationship: Your life is a kaleidoscope of relationships with others,  ideas, objects, beliefs and even your own self. You blend, join, reach out and extend yourself – bridging enormous gaps through relationships. Yet you may isolate and distance yourself, closing off and disconnecting.   How does this cost you being known and knowing yourself. What relationships need nurturing from you? Who and what can you reach towards? What relationship with yourself could make the most difference?

Movement:  Moving your body is a must for the health of your whole self! Physically moving puts you into interaction with the world. To not move is to invite stagnation and decline. Stuck is stuck, yet simple intentional movement may establish a new perspective and new results. Movement provides a path to experience people, things and yourself from different angles. Where would movement make a difference? Where will you go? What new people and perspectives might you come across?

What is your plan?  Share your actions and results on our Facebook or Twitter (@BoldLeaders).  Check out more about the Elementals here.