23 03, 2018

Elemental Human Resources – Use It or Lose It

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  Michael Donahue wrote about the origins of BoldLeaders' practice of Elemental Human Resources in this essay.  The story continues to evolve and we are always interested in your perspectives, so please comment below! Use It or Lose It The Idea of Basic Human Resources “We become adapted to the lack of use of our basic human resources and they respond by becoming unfamiliar to us.” -Alexis Carrel- It was 1998 and I was pointing to the quote above, scrawled on a sheet of flipchart paper resting on a tripod, in a dark classroom in Denver’s East High School.  Most of the assembled teens were students of color. There were more boys than girls and they were part way through their freshman year of high school. All [...]

11 07, 2017

Recent Updates With BoldLeaders

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It has been awhile since we let the BoldLeaders family and stakeholders know what has been going on!  So without further ado, here are some recent initiatives: During February to July, we enrolled 62 Fellows from 11 countries into our Bold Fellows program .  This is open to past participants and other stakeholders who are working on (or want to develop) social impact projects within their community.  The program included developing an online platform for them to get resources, talk with each other about their work and blog about their experiences.  The initial sign-up period took place during the first half of this year and got a great response.  To date they have directly worked with over 21,000 people!  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and [...]

15 03, 2017

Random Reflections…

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Apply what you learnt from life so far…”   “All human life has its seasons and cycles, and no one’s personal chaos can be permanent. Winter, after all, gives way to spring and summer, though sometimes when branches stay dark and the earth cracks with ice, one thinks they will never come, that spring, and that summer, but they do, and always.” ~Truman Capote   I feel more in control and alive, and this shift makes me speak clearer in what I need and how I have to be. The reflection movies I am watching daily has shown me a lot of weaknesses in how I fall into a trend of getting carried away by other people’s way of thinking, feeling, and values, how I think I [...]

20 01, 2017

Adrian Cabral – Shifting Perspectives

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My name is Adrian, a participant of the BoldLeaders program. I went to South Africa with BoldLeaders in 2013 and it was an experience that an email, or even a in person meeting could not do justice. The South Africa team was actually supposed to go to Kenya. I was a part of a group that was going to be in a rural part of Kenya, where I thought I was going to get the "real Africa experience." After a U.S mandated halt on all travel to the country, our trip to Kenya was cancelled. This was specifically important to me because after a training from Michael about our expectations v. outcomes, I realized that it was OK for me to live in spaces of ambiguity. I'd [...]

3 07, 2016

Savannah Ducharm – Letting Go of Bittersweet Defenses

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My truth is that there are a lot of things you can say to convince yourself and other people of who you are. You can fill your lungs with what you think they want to hear. But if you do that, nothing comes back to you. You are left exasperated. Letting go isn’t comfortable, since these things become bittersweet defenses to things you feel you can’t change. In a new country, with these new people, you’ll want to hold onto these defenses more than ever. You’ll feel small at times and out of control. I used to criticize myself for holding on so tightly. You’ll see why it had to be that way. You were small so you could grow. What’s hard about being told to [...]