Corinne Hancock

Corinne’s devotion to ‘living a life you love and living it powerfully’ radiates through every part of her life, making her passion for helping others achieve the same result all the more breathtaking. In her past work  as a director in one of the largest non-profits in the world, Corinne developed extensive knowledge and skills in international project development and coordination, and specialized in small and large scale project development with leadership as a core component. Corinne’s passion is helping others achieve powerful results professionally and personally. She helps individuals and organizations develop intentional leaders and high performing teams using the same strategies she used to create teams and leaders in high-pressure international hot-zones. Most recently, Corinne directed

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Jeanne Callahan

Jeanne is a business development and management professional develops and executes strategies for the development, launch and growth of small businesses. Besides working for Disney, AT&T and FOX Sports, Jeanne has launched multiple business ventures of her own and developed entrepreneurship programs for several universities. Jeanne is a passionate community advocate and has volunteered for numerous organizations either as a board member, mentor to young people or vital stakeholder.

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Hanna Steplewska

A native of Poland whose family called the United Arab Emirates home for 28 years, educated in the UK and now residing in the USA, Hanna is a lifetime expatriate. This early exposure to a multitude of languages, customs and cultures has made her feel at ease in all of the 46 countries she has so far visited for work and pleasure. In all of her travels, it’s the human connections that have given her the most memorable experiences, and that thirst for human connection is what led her to get involved with the work of Brady Rhodes and Michael Donahue – first at Colorado Youth At Risk and now with BoldLeaders. Hanna holds a Bachelor of

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Alex Wood

Alex Wood was a participant in the 2009 Emerging Youth Leaders project to Central Europe. After one month of intense BoldLeaders curriculum, she felt more challenged and inspired than ever before. BoldLeaders quickly became a large part of her life. Between hosting students, helping with fundraisers, and serving as a member on the board of directors, Alex hopes to provide other teenagers and adults with similar life-changing experiences. Currently studying abroad in Paris and getting a degree at Reed College, Alex is very interested in how cultures interact, how privilege works, and how we can provide equal opportunities to everyone — especially youth.

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Brenna O’Rourke

Brenna works as an Information and Reporting Officer for the IRC in Chad, Africa. She has a Master’s degree in Sustainable International Development and Coexistence and Conflict from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations: Peace and Justice Studies from Tufts University. Brenna has lived in Africa for the last two years. Before moving to Chad, lived in Rwanda as part of the national Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), working in the field of Civic Education. Before joining BoldLeaders, Brenna worked in South Africa as an educational consultant to an “at risk” youth organization, Conquest for Life.

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Mark Musselman

Mark is a Colorado native, and has created a full life in Denver with his wife of over 20 years, Laura Barr, and his 4 children. In addition to his life as a husband and father, Mark also enjoys spending time skiing, singing, volunteering, and nearly anything that relates to rugby. Over the course of the last 25 years Mark has enjoyed a dynamic professional life. From 1988 – 2008 Mark worked for his family business. From 2000 – 2007 he served as the CEO, which proved to be foundational to his growth as an organizational leader and fostered an insatiable thirst for learning as much as possible about leadership. Since leaving his family business Mark has

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Timothy Macdonald

Tim was born and raised in Manhattan, Kansas, to a Canadian father and a New Zealander mother who met and married in Denmark and then moved to the middle of Kansas. They instilled a love of travel, culture, and adventure into the family. Tim has called Colorado home for 15 years, and is passionate about life with his wife Jodi, their two daughters, and their soon-to-be son. Tim is inspired by the work of BoldLeaders and the impact that it has had on youth and adults around the globe. Tim is a partner at the international law firm of Arnold & Porter LLP where he practices large-scale commercial litigation. His practice ranges from representing the Hopi Indian

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