16 03, 2016

Natalie Walter – Expectations, Upset and Possibility

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I traveled to Kenya in 2011 with Bold Leaders when I was 17, and I traveled to Nepal two years later. I called my BoldLeaders coach Michael a little bit before I left; I was nervous to be gone for two and a half months, with much of that time spent with no internet or phone service, no lights or plumbing. Over the phone, Michael guided me to take out a piece of paper and begin to draw. There were two paths in this drawing, starting on the left side of the paper. One started at the word “possibility,” and one started at the word “expectation.” Both paths went through an upset in the center of the drawing. But, the path that started out as possibility [...]

10 02, 2016

Agree/Disagree Versus Alignment

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For the last 10 years with BoldLeaders I have been able to chew on, think through, play with and take apart some concepts and conversations that I find really valuable, and the best part has been that I have done this in tandem with thousands of people from around the world, diverse in every way you can name. One such concept has been the difference between Agreeing and Aligning. Think through this with me: it is easy (and we spend a lot of time doing it because it IS easy) to Agree or Disagree with something. We simply do it and our position is NOT dependent or tied to another person’s. It is happening all over the world today – silos getting built, either-or’s staked to the [...]

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