Reflection Prompts for Leading is one of several tools and processes you can be trained in through the Minding the Gap Master Class – an online, on-demand course from BoldLeaders that uses the Framework for Availability to help leaders, teachers, facilitators and coaches create Relational Environments with groups that naturally build learning, participation and collaboration.  We offer the prompts below as a free introduction to the course.  They are an example of similar tools we give that take advantage of the growing knowledge of neuroscience and the way human beings interact with the world.  

All the tools in the class are designed to cause availabilityAny leader who can help people be more available will see a significant increase in human performance.  We have seen this work in the classroom, in workplace teams and in countless community groups and other diverse settings where people work together.

When Someone IS Available...

They are...

Open, Receptive
Tuned in and aware
Future oriented

When Someone IS NOT Available...

They are...

Distracted/Easily Preoccupied
Not able to listen well
Limited view of the future
Quick to blame

Creating environments where people are more available increases their ability to participate, learn and collaborate – key elements of human performance and achievement.  An easy and high impact way to do this is to first cause availability in yourself.  That is where the Reflection Prompts For Leaders will help! 

Why Do The Prompts Work?

Have you ever worked with a group and been caught off-guard by logistic issues you did not plan for?  Or have you had your agenda ‘blow up’ when a tangent issue took the focus off your main outcomes? Maybe you have had your enthusiasm and love for what you were doing disappear in frustration while you dealt with all the tiny details?  We know what each of those situations feels like and the impact they can  have on you achieving your objectives.  We  developed the Reflection Prompts For Leaders  to balance the doing AND the being of working with a group.  The prompts help ground you in the reality of your task while also creating a context that helps you keep sight of the larger view that often gets lost.  This organizes your work while keeping it meaningful: a great pathway to building availability for yourself and others.

The Reflection Prompts For Leaders work in any situation where you are working with a  group: classrooms, workshops, team discussions, staff meetings, community groups – you name it!  We suggest you “put pen to paper” and write out the prompts, along with your answers.  At first it will take some time to answer them well: take the time necessary and you will find they are a valuable preparation tool.  Eventually you will get to the point where you can answer them swiftly and naturally in your head.

Reflection Prompts for Leaders Working With Groups

(Deeper descriptions of the prompts are accessible through a pdf download below)

Prompt #1

What are the 2 or 3 main outcomes that MUST arise for this to be a success?

Drilling down to the essential targets focuses your frame and diminishes distractions.  Use this part of the tool to hone in on the essence of your work.  Other things may be achieved, but this question compels you to declare what cannot be left out.

Prompt #2

What must I keep my eye on?

As you begin to answer this question, first pay attention to those things that if they are not managed, the whole work would be in jeopardy.  While there may be countless things to “keep your eye on”, asking this question orients you to the micro and macro landscape of your time with the group.

Prompt #3

What is profound about this?

This question is purposefully evocative. It is very difficult to answer from a doing disposition.  It places you in a disposition of being and availability.  This question helps provide a necessary reminder about what is underneath your work.  Why is not just important, but profoundly important?  

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