The Pre-Questions: A Tool For Engagement and Availability

Have you ever worked with a group and gotten caught off-guard by logistic issues you did not plan for?  Or been frustrated when your agenda ‘blows up’ anytime a tangent issues take the focus off your main outcomes?  Or simply lost your enthusiasm and love for what you were doing disappear because you have get overwhelmed with so many details and tasks?  We know what each of these situations feels like and we know how frustrating it is to not meet your objectives or have your group appreciate what you are doing with them as much as you do! We  developed the Pre-Questions to balance the doing and being of working with a group so

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Understanding Alignment

Brady Rhodes Co-Director, BoldLeaders Understanding Alignment For the last 15 years I have been able to chew on, think through, play with and take apart some concepts and conversations that I find really valuable.  The best part has been that I have done this in tandem with thousands of people from around the world, diverse in every way you can imagine. One such concept has been the difference between Agreement and Alignment. Think through this with me: it is easy to Agree or Disagree with something. We simply do it and our position is NOT dependent or tied to another person’s position. It is happening all over the world today: silos getting built,

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