Have you ever worked with a group and gotten caught off-guard by logistic issues you did not plan for?  Or been frustrated when your agenda ‘blows up’ anytime a tangent issues take the focus off your main outcomes?  Or simply lost your enthusiasm and love for what you were doing disappear because you have get overwhelmed with so many details and tasks? 

We know what each of these situations feels like and we know how frustrating it is to not meet your objectives or have your group appreciate what you are doing with them as much as you do!

We  developed the Pre-Questions to balance the doing and being of working with a group so that you can have it all: handle the logistics, stick to your goals and make a profound difference with whomever you are working with.  The Pre-Questions are a tool to use before working with a group to set you up for success on many levels.  It is one of several tools we share with teachers, facilitators, team leaders and managers to help them build learning, participation and collaboration in any setting.  

The tool itself is a set of three questions that we ask people to answer before doing work with a group or on a project.  Your answers to the questions help align the two guidance systems of your brain: the logical, reasoning system that helps you think through logistics and priorities, and the more intuitive, ancestral system that drives your passion and human connection with the work and the people you are with.

Frequently in our work training leaders and educators, we find that people focus on one and not the other!  They either get so tied up in the planning and logistics that they forget the WHY and the impact of what they are doing and their leadership is flat, OR they are so impassioned and fired up that they lose sight of the practical aspects and frustrate people with a lack of information, agenda or focus.

Take a look at the three questions and then download a free description of the whole tool.

Question #1

What are the 2 or 3 main outcomes that MUST arise for this to be a success?

Drilling down to the essential targets focuses your frame and diminishes distractions.  Use this part of the tool to hone in on the essence of your work.  Other things may be achieved, but this question compels you to declare what cannot be left out.

Question #2

What must I keep my eye on?

As you begin to answer this question, first pay attention to those things that if they are not managed, the whole work would be in jeopardy.  While there may be countless things to “keep your eye on”, asking this question orients you to the micro and macro landscape of your time with the group.

Question #3

What is profound about this?

This question is purposefully evocative. It is very difficult to answer from a doing disposition.  It places you in a disposition of being and availability.  This question helps provide a necessary reminder about what is underneath your work.  Why is not just important, but profoundly important?  

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